I'm Smart Home Certified!

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This afternoon, I became Smart Home Certified. Cool, right?! But how does that help you? Well, I found that when looking for a home, 81% of buyers are more likely to choose a Smart Home over one that doesn't have any Smart features. It may be easier AND cheaper to add these devices instead of changing out other items because your home would be considered updated. Nice!


To qualify as a Smart Home, you must…

1) have reliable internet;

2) one device must be in the security or temperature category; and

3) at least two other devices in one of these categories used through a phone/pad app and/or an Alexa-type device:

   * Safety (i.e. cameras, “virtual key” locks)

   * Entertainment (i.e. smart TV, Bluetooth speakers)

   * Lighting (i.e. program lights to turn on when you’re not home)

   * Appliances (i.e. preheat oven on the way home)

   * Heating and Cooling (i.e. thermostat that turn on the air when you're on the way home)

   * Outdoors (i.e. sprinkler sensors, dog door with sensors on collar)


After reading that, your home may already be Smart. If it is, congratulations! If not and you want to know more about how to make a Smart Home, let me know. I can help set you up! :-)